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Star Wars Apparel

A collection of all of the best Star Wars apparel from around the galaxy we call the internet.

Again, it's Star Wars and Beer. The copy pretty much writes itself. Need we say more? This Star Wars Drinking Buddies Tank Top will be sure to impress anyone at a social drinking gathering.

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Sometimes after a 10 hour day at the office filled with force-choking people during webinars, blowing up the planets of competing companies, and growing a new workforce in test tubes, you just need to take a load off in your meditation sphere with these Darth Vader Slippers.

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How does a Jedi relax after a hard day of fighting Darth Vadar and trying to free the Galactic Empire? He takes a shower and relaxes in his official Jedi bathrobe. Not only does it keep him warm and snugly but the hood provides extra concealment in case Stormtroopers are near.

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I mean, how could we not include this? This will turn your little one into an adorable Jedi Master. However, we can't make any promises as to the powers of the force that your young one will gain. It all depends on their midi-chlorian count, duh.

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